Information Security Analyst Salary – How Much Can You Earn as an Information Security Analyst?

If you are considering a career as an Information Security Analyst, one of the most pertinent questions is how much you can earn working in this position. The information technology field is one of the highest-paying industries today, and working as an Information Security Analyst promises above-average returns.

This guide will cover all you need to know regarding Information Security Analyst Salary. That includes the average national salary, states and cities with the highest average salaries, how much you can earn as you progress your career and how to advance in this rewarding and lucrative field.

The National Average Information Security Analyst Salary

The amount of money you can make as an Information Security Analyst depends on several factors, including the job location, the organization you work for, and your level of experience in the field.

Regardless, there is potential to make a handsome income as an Information Security Analyst, with the average annual salary for Information Security Analysts being roughly $85,029.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Security Analysts earned an average annual salary of $102,600 as of May 2021, which works out to be approximately $49.33 per hour, with those on the top end of the spectrum, or the highest 10% making more than $165,920.

According to U.S. News, the median salary for the role in 2020 was $103,590 in 2020, with the top-paid 25 percent making $132,890 the same year. reports the average annual pay for Information Security Analysts to be $85,029, updated on April 24, 2022, whereas Ziprecruiter states the average annual salary for the role to be $99,944 a year. That is equivalent to $48.05 an hour.

Lastly, the average compensation for Information Security Analysts according to Payscale is $73,450, or $28.00 per hour, with the best paid 10% making 3k per year. (diazepam)

The National Starting Salary for Information Security Analysts

An entry-level Information Security Analyst can expect to make anywhere between $65,000- $70,000 a year, while the top 10% have the potential to earn up to $80,000. According to data from Ziprecruiter, the average annual salary for entry-level Information Security Analysts is $66,320 a year, or $31.88 an hour.

Likewise, Indeed and Payscale report that an early career individual with less than one year of experience can earn $70,295 and $60,965 respectively.

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Earnings By Experience Level

As with most professions, your level of experience has a significant impact on how much money you can make as your career progress, and cybersecurity is no exception. In a field that values hands-on experience more than many other industries, your total compensation is likely to vary depending on the number of years you have spent working in the role.

Early career professionals with 1-4 years of work experience can earn up to $72,000 yearly, whereas mid-career Information Security Analysts with 5-9 years of experience can make approximately $88,596.

Senior-level Information Security Analysts who have worked for more than 10 years or more have the potential to earn a median salary of $102,002.

Professionals who remain in the field and work their way up senor level positions can make more than $163,300 annually, as stated by BLS.

Highest-Paying Cities for Information Security Analysts

Among various other factors, your job location can also have a significant impact on your salary. The top 5 metropolitan areas that offer an earning potential to Information Security Analysts more than the national average include San Jose, San Francisco, Idaho Falls, New York, and Bridgeport.

The average salary for Information Security Analysts working in San Jose is $147,160, whereas those working in Bridgeport can earn a minimum of $128,750. Professionals working in Idaho Falls and New York can expect to make $130,000 annually, whereas those in San Francisco can earn an average salary of $136,910.

The Highest Paying States for the Role

An Information Security Analyst’s salary can vary depending on the state in which they work. Some of the highest paying states for the role include:

  1. California– $135,200
  2. New York– $133,210
  3. Maryland– $126,110
  4. Iowa– $125,650
  5. District of Columbia–  $124,980

How Does the Salary for the Role Compare With Other Roles in Cybersecurity?

Cyber security is a highly lucrative career choice. It is an industry that requires professionals with highly specialized knowledge of the field. After gaining formal education and relevant experience, you can undertake various job roles in the field with high-paying salaries. The following are the average salaries for other similar and advanced cybersecurity roles in the United States:

How Do I Advance My Career and Earn More In This Role?

With the ever-increasing reliance on digital technologies by businesses and organizations and the subsequent sophisticated cyberattacks from hackers on the rise, the dependence on Informational Security Analysts to protect critical data from breaches is also growing at a significant pace.


Accordingly, the demand for Information Security professionals is predicted to be very high, with plenty of rewarding opportunities available for qualified professionals to build a prosperous careers.


According to the BLS, employment in the field is expected to grow 33 percent by 2030, with 16,300 vacancies projected each year. That is much faster than the average across all other sectors.


One of the best ways to advance your career and climb the Information Security ladder to reach top positions is by pursuing further education and training in the field. Earning a graduate degree in cybersecurity can open the door to more senior positions and help you stand out from the competition. 90% of job listings in the United States require at least an undergraduate degree, while 16% need an advanced degree.


Not only that but getting certified is likely to elevate your career and bring in a bigger paycheck. While there are many different certifications available, there are a few in high demand that companies actively hire individuals on popular job boards like Indeed, Indeed, and SimplyHired.


According to data gathered, there were a total of 71,543 job listings for CISSP, 22,463 listings for CISA, 15,730 listings for CISM, and 11,652 openings for those with a Security+ certification.

Wrapping Up

An information security analyst is a robust field that offers plenty of rewarding and fulfilling career opportunities with high earning potential for individuals with the required education and experience. If you want a promising future with an impressive salary, a career in cyber security as an Information Security Analyst might be the one to pursue.


The role has never been so vital before as it has been in recent years due to growing cybersecurity threats to information technology networks, rendering it indispensable for organizations to protect their sensitive information from being compromised and keep it secure.