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Position Company Location Posted
Assistant Vice President / Vice President, Manual Ethical Hacker (MEH) Specialist, Global Information Security
Bank of AmericaTokyo, Japan16/08/2022
Assistant Vice President / Vice President, Manual Ethical Hacker (MEH) Specialist, Global Information Security
Bank of AmericaSingapore, Singapore26/08/2022
ICS SGE - Senior Cyber Security Research Consultant Penetration Testing
Wells FargoChandler, Arizona, United States28/08/2022
Federal - SOC Analyst-(Tier 1)
AccenturePhoenix, Arizona, United States23/09/2022
Info Security Exposure Management Specialist
Bank of AmericaCamberley, United Kingdom23/09/2022
Info Security Exposure Management Specialist
Bank of AmericaCamberley, United Kingdom23/08/2022
AFS - Cyber Security Analyst
AccentureArlington, Virginia, United States20/09/2022
Federal - SOC Analyst-Jr
AccenturePhoenix, Arizona, United States14/09/2022
Information Security Threat Mgmt Specialist
Bank of AmericaDublin, Ireland12/09/2022
Cyber DevSecOps Engineer
102 ICF Incorporated, LLCAlexandria, Virginia, United States20/09/2022
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What is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

A Certified Ethical Hacker, or a CEH, is an individual that possesses the same skills as a malicious hacker. Unlike normal hackers, a CEH uses their skills to protect systems and not exploit them. A CEH is vital for maintaining system security, adapting to new threats in an ever-changing field.

Many CEHs come from backgrounds in cyber and information security. Anyone with the right skills can become certified as a CEH, but those new to the field should have a strong understanding of computers and computer programming before starting.

Even without a specialization in system security, those with a background in IT may find themselves developing towards becoming a CEH. A CEH will need a diverse set of skills to succeed on the job. The skills an individual possesses will be more important than their background.

There are many resources available that will help individuals acquire the skills necessary for getting a CEH job. Specialized training courses and boot camps exist that teach individuals of any skill level what they need to be a CEH. These courses prepare candidates for the certification exam and help them get a CEH job afterward.

What Are a CEH’s Key Responsibilities?

The key responsibility in a CEH job is to protect a system and its information. Those working as a CEH do this in several ways.

The first is by constantly assessing a system and its vulnerabilities. Through understanding a system’s weak points, a CEH can predict how malicious hackers might attack the system. Knowing how hackers think, a CEH can provide the information needed to help patch existing vulnerabilities or slow down ongoing attacks.

A CEH assesses vulnerabilities through penetration testing – putting themselves in the role of a malicious hacker. A CEH attempts to breach a system’s security in the same manner as a typical hacker would. Doing this helps a CEH figure out what measures should be taken to discourage hackers from exploiting a system’s vulnerabilities.

Another key responsibility found in a CEH job is to keep other departments informed of behavior that may put the system in danger. Because of this, a CEH will need the ability to communicate the intricacies of their specialty to others. A CEH will have to be prepared to explain complex topics to groups with little to no understanding of system security principles.

Where Do CEHs Work?

A CEH can work remotely or in an office. Whether they are working remotely or in an office, a CEH will need to have the ability to collaborate with others.

Many CEH jobs will be under the employment of large organizations and companies. Any company that works with sensitive data will want to employ a CEH to protect its systems.

Other companies, which rely on systems for their daily business, will also want to employ a dedicated CEH. They will want to hire someone to keep their systems up and their business running.

A CEH may also find employment working as a contractor with several smaller companies that cannot afford to keep a dedicated CEH on staff.

With the steady rise of the IT sector and companies relying on technology, CEH jobs will likely become increasingly important to maintaining company interests.

What Qualifications Does a CEH Need?

The exam for becoming a CEH is composed of two parts – a multiple-choice test and a practical. The certification exam is designed to test knowledge of the field and a candidate’s ability to work effectively as a CEH. To be eligible to receive a certification for ethical hacking, an individual must meet several criteria.

For individuals with a background in system and information security, two years of professional experience is enough to qualify them for the exam without further training.

Individuals with less than two years of professional experience in the field must complete a training course. The course ensures that prospective candidates understand the skills needed by a CEH.

Candidates for the exam must be over the age of 18 in the United States to be eligible to take either the training or exam.

All individuals planning on taking the certification exam should be knowledgeable of cyber security. Individuals should have good problem-solving skills and have the ability to adapt quickly to new challenges.

Those planning on taking the exam in the future may find it helpful to develop various skills in IT. Individuals can gain practical hacking experience through challenge sets or through participating in organized hacking challenges. All prospective CEHs should do their research on subjects in the exams and study accordingly.

A CEH shoulders heavy responsibilities, so certification shows that they have all the skills necessary to do their jobs properly.

How Much Do CEHs Make?

For more detailed information see our ethical hacker salary guide.

How much a CEH job pays will depend on many different factors, though the average salary for a CEH is above $70,000. A CEH in the United States can expect to make between $70,000 and $100,000. On average, nationwide, a CEH will make roughly $87,000 per year.

A CEH will likely have some experience in the field, allowing them to better negotiate for higher salaries or positions than those just starting. Many CEH jobs are centered around offices, making the location of a job an important factor in expected salaries. Places with a high cost of living or where CEHs are in demand will have companies offering higher salaries.

The importance of a CEH in a system’s security and the rising reliance on technology in companies impacts the amount a CEH makes. CEH salaries reflect the challenging nature of the job. As tech crimes become ever more prevalent throughout the world, CEH jobs will continue to be in demand.


To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, individuals will need to meet the requirements for the certification exam. A prospective CEH should gain experience in cyber and information security before taking the certification exam.

The CEH certification signals to employers that the CEH completely understands their role and what that entails. A CEH job will require individuals to constantly learn new techniques and skills.

Once a CEH receives certification, they can expect a salary between $70,000 and $100,000.