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Position Company Location Posted
Cyber Security Engineer III (ISSM)
BigBear.aiDayton, Ohio, United States20/07/2022
Cyber Security Engineer III
BigBear.aiDayton, Ohio, United States28/07/2022
Cloud Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)
AccentureArlington, Virginia, United States08/08/2022
Federal - Cloud Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)
AccentureArlington, Virginia, United States21/07/2022
Cyber Assurance Architect (Experienced)
Sandia National LaboratoriesAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States06/08/2022
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What Is an Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)?

To become an ISSM, education is important to consider. While it is certainly possible to become in ISSM with only a high school diploma or GED, 59.1% of ISSMs have a bachelor’s degree. The most desired fields for pursuing a career as an ISSM are computer science or computer programming.

While a degree in a related field will help in finding ISSM jobs, and many companies require at least a bachelor’s degree, experience is even more important. Because of the responsibilities of the position, applicants must generally have at least five years of experience in information security, computer science, or information science.

An Information Systems Security Manager oversees a company’s security systems, constantly identifying the weaknesses to ensure that the systems in place are as effective as possible. An ISSM assesses security measures such as the company’s anti-virus software, passwords, and firewalls, and recommends improvements as necessary.

Any company that deals with sensitive information has a need for an ISSM. Security breaches can be catastrophic for a business and can often lead to lawsuits if confidential customer information is compromised. Because of the importance of top-notch cybersecurity, information security analyst jobs, including ISSM jobs, are projected to increase by 33% this decade.

Those performing the role of an ISSM may have different titles, including Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO), Cybersecurity Officer, or Information Systems Security Specialist, among others.

What Are the Key Responsibilities of an ISSM?

The main job function of an ISSM is to protect an organization’s computers, networks, and data from security breaches, viruses, and hackers. To do so, the ISSM is responsible for managing a team of security personnel, advising senior leadership of threats to security, and proposing changes to the company’s policies to reduce the organization’s risk. The team works to be sure that the company’s cybersecurity measures align with its mission and goals.

An ISSM ensures that the best possible security measures are in place to prevent any security breach. Should there be any security violation within the organization, it is the ISSM’s duty to oversee the investigation. After any incident, or when any weakness in security is discovered, the ISSM oversees the implementation of protective or corrective measures to ensure future protection.

The ISSM manages all backup and security systems. In the event that any data was lost, the security team led by the ISSM would work to recover that data.

The ISSM is responsible for providing training for employees on the importance of cybersecurity, for example, on the need for creating strong passwords. The ISSM informs all levels of the organization of any changes to the company’s security measures and ensures that all required security improvements are implemented.

Corporations that deal with sensitive information are required to follow strict guidelines and laws, and it is the ISSM’s responsibility to ensure that the company is in compliance with all policies. The ISSM also collects and maintains the data needed for mandated cybersecurity reporting.

Where Does an ISSM Work?

The list of companies hiring for ISSM jobs is nearly endless. Corporations in every industry need someone to manage their cybersecurity, so the possibilities for the company one could work for as an ISSM are expansive.

ISSM jobs are typically full-time in an office setting. An ISSM supervises a team of security personnel in person, but they might also be responsible for supervising workers who work remotely.

Being in charge of a corporation’s cybersecurity brings many responsibilities and expectations. An ISSM can expect to work long hours. Overtime is often expected, as when any breach of security occurs, the ISSM is expected to keep working until the issue is resolved.

What Qualifications and Experience Are Needed to Be an ISSM?

ISSM jobs generally require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming, or a related field. Due to the importance of this job, many companies may require or prefer a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Management Information Systems.

Experience requirements will vary by company, but typically companies require a minimum of five years of experience in computer science, information security, or information science.

Information Systems Security Managers can more easily advance in their career if they become certified by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, which offers the Certified Information Systems Security Professional qualification, or by ISACA, which offers the CISA and CISM. An ISSM who earns these certifications adheres to the code of ethics and has at least five years of experience in the field.

Many soft skills are important for ISSM jobs as well. The ability to multi-task is essential to deal with the many aspects of the job. Strong leadership and communication skills are important as the ISSM will be leading a team and constantly communicating with people throughout the corporation. Problem solving skills are also essential to the position, as is the ability to delegate tasks to other members of the security team.

What Is the Salary of an ISSM?

Because the demand for cybersecurity jobs is increasing, one can make a comfortable living off of working in this field. Due to the expertise and demands required of ISSM jobs in particular, they are well compensated. The median salary of an Information Systems Security Manager is $110,000. However, depending on experience and time spent in the role, many ISSMs find themselves earning over $130,000 a year.