How to make a good CV


As many of you search for your new job in the cyber security industry, we thought it would be useful to offer some simple CV writing tips.

Basic information to include

Always be sure to include the most basic information in addition to your skills, these include: personal and contact information; education and qualifications; work history and/or experience; relevant skills to the job in question; own interests, achievements or hobbies; and some references.

Make a presentable CV

A successful CV will always be simple, clear and to the point. It should be visually attractive, without going over the top. Clear titles, bullet points and short paragraphs should be included, allowing the employer to easily navigate the sections.

Don’t write too much

CV’s are designed to give employers a quick and clear overview of the potential candidates skills and experience. Typically you would not write more than two A4 pages for fear of waffling and putting the employer off. The aim of your CV should be to give the employer a teaser style summary of how great you would be for the job so that they invite you for an interview.

Understand the job description

Be sure to understand the job role you are applying for. If you are new to the cyber security sector, take time to research and identify the correct area you wish to work in. This way you will have a better understanding of the requirements and be able to write a more accurate CV and talk about the subject better in an interview.

Customise the CV to the job role

Ensure you tailor your CV to match the specific job role you are applying for. Be sure to focus the CV around the general area of expertise that the employer is looking for to show that you know the sector well.

Detail your unique skills

It’s important to list your talents and skills, how you have used them and what new skills you are seeking to get from training or courses.

Use your experience

Use your knowledge and experience to explain what you have achieved and how you have developed your skills as your career has progressed.

CV references

You should aim to include two or three positive references from previous relevant job roles so that your new potential employer can get glowing references about how awesome you are.

Updating your CV

Don’t let your CV lag behind, always keep it updated with your latest relevant skills and work experience.