SOC Analyst Salary: How Much Can You Earn as a SOC Analyst?

As a SOC analyst, you are responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats. But how much can you expect to earn in this role? And what other factors influence your salary?

What is the average salary for a SOC Analyst?

The US national average salary for SOC analysts is $96,811 per year. The hourly average is $47.

The salary for SOC analysts varies by location, experience, and employer. The salary data we found for SOC analysts is for the role at large across the country and may not reflect earnings for a specific employer.

Some employers pay much higher than the national average. In San Francisco, the average salary for SOC analysts is $113,335 per year. In New York City, the average salary is $106,189 per year. Pay can vary greatly depending on the employer, experience, location, and employer culture.

The National Starting Salary for a SOC Analyst

SOC analysts can earn $69,530 per year at the entry level. Many employers offer higher salary bumps for experienced SOC analysts. Some even offer signing bonuses that can impact your total earnings in the first year.

Salaries generally increase as you gain experience in the role and become more senior. Some employers pay more than the national average salary to attract top talent. This can result in a higher starting salary offered.

Suppose you are interested in a position with a higher salary. In that case, it is worth researching the salary range for the role and your location to see if you can benefit from negotiating.

Earnings by Experience Level

According to salary research company PayScale, SOC analysts with one to three years of experience can earn up to $60 255 per year. With experience, you can expect to rise through the ranks, earn bonuses, and earn higher salaries.

SOC analysts with four to five years of experience can earn up to $94,000 per year. Senior SOC analysts with five to ten years of experience can earn up to $120,000 per year. All of these salaries are above the national average salary for the role.

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Highest Paying Cities for a SOC Analyst

  1. San Jose, California – $147 160
  2. San Francisco, California – $146,910
  3. Idaho Falls, Idaho – $130,620
  4. New York, New York – $130 000
  5. Bridgeport, Connecticut – $128,750

While most employers offer a national salary range for SOC analysts, it is possible to earn more in some cities. If you are interested in a higher salary range, you may want to look at the top-paying cities for the role. The city with the highest SOC analyst salary is San Jose, California, with an average salary of $147 160.

The second highest paying city is San Francisco, California, with an average of $146,910. At the same time, the third city with the highest SOC analyst salary is Idaho Falls, Idaho, with an average salary of $130,620.

The fourth city is New York, with $130 000 followed closely by Bridgeport, Connecticut, with an average of $128,750.

Highest Paying States for a SOC Analyst

  1. California – $125,990
  2. New York – $125,920
  3. New Jersey – $123, 280
  4. District of Columbia – $119,460
  5. Virginia – $116,920

The highest paying states for SOC analysts are also the largest states. If you are looking for a higher salary, you may consider moving to one of these states. The highest paying state is California, with an average salary of $125,990.

The second highest paying state for a SOC analyst is New York, with an average salary of $125,920. The third is New Jersey with $123, 280 followed by the District of Columbia with $119,460. The last highest paying state is Virginia, with an average salary of $116,920.

How Does the Salary for a SOC Analyst Compare With Other Roles in Cybersecurity?

According to the ┬áNew England Institute of Technology, the median salary for cybersecurity roles is $85,000 per year, with $130,000 being the highest median salary for the position. SOC analysts have some of the highest salaries of all cybersecurity roles, but it’s important to note that not all SOC analysts work for large corporations.

On top of this, it’s important to note that not all jobs in cybersecurity are paid the same. While most cybersecurity roles are paid hourly, SOC analyst positions are almost always salaried. This means your salary will be much higher than most cybersecurity roles, but it also means that you have a much longer path to earning a six-figure salary.

How Do I Advance My Career and Earn More as a SOC Analyst?

There are various ways to advance your career and earn more in this role. These include earning a degree in cybersecurity, gaining experience in another role, or volunteering for a non-profit cybersecurity organization. It’s also good to network with other cybersecurity professionals and attend conferences.

In addition, many employers offer career advancement opportunities and training programs. These programs can help you advance your skills, prepare for senior-level positions, and earn certification. If you want to make more as a SOC analyst, you should also consider other career paths in cybersecurity.

While SOC analyst is a clear path to a senior position, there are other options such as cybersecurity consultant, security engineer, and penetration tester. This can help you diversify your skills, expand your experience and earn more in this role. Depending on the employer, you may be able to move into other positions and make more as you move up the ladder.


SOC analysts are in high demand, and their salaries reflect that. Certification is vital to becoming a SOC analyst, but experience and other key responsibilities are critical. If you’re interested in becoming a SOC analyst, start by looking into certification programs and gaining the necessary expertise. Do you have what it takes to be a successful SOC analyst?