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Position Company Location Posted
Security Software Engineer
ComcastVirtual, Pennsylvania11/11/2022
Sr. Security Software Engineer
ComcastVirtual, Pennsylvania11/11/2022
Systems Architect Manager, Information Security
Wells FargoCharlotte, North Carolina, United States21/11/2022
Principal Systems Security Cloud Engineer
Sierra Nevada CorporationEnglewood, Colorado, United States21/11/2022
Cyber Security Risk Assessor
Federal Reserve Bank of ChicagoNew York, New York, United States15/11/2022
Network Operations Center (NOC) Manager - High Level Clearance
ICFPensacola, Florida, United States15/10/2022
Network Monitoring / Service Desk Program Manager - High Level Clearance
ICFArlington, Virginia, United States03/09/2022
Senior Cloud Engineer (Remote)
ICFReston, Virginia, United States13/11/2022
Network Monitoring / Service Desk Program Manager - High Level Clearance
ICFArlington, Virginia, United States03/09/2022
Senior Cloud Engineer (Remote)
ICFReston, Virginia, United States13/11/2022
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Overview of DevSecOps

“DevSecOps” is short for the three expertises it focuses on; development, security, and operations. This kind of career is defined by a specific scope of work involving a holistic approach to information security. This role is integral to any company’s data architecture.

DevSecOps careers typically involve:

  • Driving a collaborative approach to IT security throughout the technology development process
  • Creating an architecture and framework for full-scale security integration from step one
  • Monitoring security protocols and standards for compliance
  • Strategic planning around risk assessment and tolerance
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Introduction of security automation tools and dynamic processes
  • Establishment of unified common standards
  • Unification between development teams and security teams
  • Testing and optimization
  • In-depth code analysis and management
  • Create readable documentation of software changes and solutions
  • Mentor and train engineers that are new or unfamiliar with new tools

Depending on where one is in the DevSecOps team structure, they may take on a small portion of the expected duties. They may be responsible for leadership over multiple functions as they move up. Engineers with DevSecOps specializations are highly valued and represent top-notch experts with tons of cybersecurity experience.

The career path of a DevSecOps engineer can start from a variety of code-heavy positions, but will always overlap with cybersecurity and various automation tools. This is not an entry-level position. One could start as an InfoSec programmer, and end up as a Chief Security Officer overlooking all aspects of information security.

Where Does a DevSecOps Engineer Work?

With the increased need for proper data security, there is no shortage of job security for someone working in DevSecOps. The opportunities are vast, including small businesses and large corporations across the country.

Remote and in-person opportunities exist, although the company’s size will be a prime decider. DevSecOps work commonly involves interdepartmental communication across physical and digital mediums. The higher one gets in an organization’s structure, the more likely it will become that they need to be physically present.

Teaching is just as much a part of this career as learning, and being in the most comfortable spot to deliver important information is advisable. No matter how excellent one’s communication skills can be, in the wrong environment, it will not matter.

Working with other industry professionals is the standard, and can involve interacting with large workforces to optimize and explain large and complex concepts succinctly. Organizations require unified digital security whether they are aware of it or not. The demand for this specialization is only increasing, which means more potential places of employment.

What Qualifications and Experience are Required?

Earning a technical degree will also be part of the process, and can often require special accreditations from DevOps institutions like the DevOps Foundation (DOFD) or other registered DevOps Institute partners.

Although a career in this field can mean working in a wide variety of scenarios, the experience necessary often carries over. The career path will begin with engineering experience and coding proficiency and further develop from there.

Along with hard technical acumen, a master DevSecOps engineer will require social skills that don’t come as readily with common educational routes. Explaining high-level concepts to multiple departments and working with both brand new and veteran employees is no easy feat. While there are few ways of measuring soft skills before an interview, it is worth noting to invest time into them.

Automation tools and software of all sorts may be used between different companies. Despite the myriad of technical options, familiarizing oneself with common development aides like GitHub, AWS, and Kubernetes will be beneficial.

Security divisions and tools such as data protection, CI/CD processes, automation, and cloud technologies are all vital for this career. There is a significant spread to the requirements in finding a job in DevSecOps, although the skills one will gain can easily transfer to a wide range of related careers if need be.

The rapid evolution of information security means the DevSecOps landscape can change overnight. Stay up to date on the latest technological developments, threats, and innovations. To remain competitive for the best DevSecOps Jobs, you must position yourself as tech-savvy and well-informed.

How Much Money Does a DevSecOps Engineer Earn?

A typical salary for a DevSecOps engineer is around $140,000 in the United States. With increased experience, it isn’t uncommon to increase that number by $40,000, or so, but early on, one could see as low as $80,000.

Jobs suited to this skill-set can be found in multiple states, allowing one to more finely tune their desired salary along with other financial factors. Proficient DevSecOps workers can be found in various sub-disciplines as well, with some earning more money thanks to their diverse skills.

Starting in the position of an engineering intern or lower-level DevSecOps personnel is included in this range. There are growing opportunities across the United States, but the work remains competitive to compensate for the high average pay.


To have a career in DevSecOps, individuals will need to earn a technical degree as well as potential DevOps Institute certification. A prospective job-seeker in this field will need diverse knowledge of cybersecurity principles, competency in coding languages, and the ability to learn and adapt continuously evolving tools to challenging tasks.

Building up a wide variety of skills is in one’s best interest for this career path. Although there is no singular definition of duties that fits every job in this career, there are many overlapping knowledge bases that will show competency.

Once someone secures a position, they can expect great job security and a salary between $80,000 and $180,000, with factors like company size, breadth of experience, and certifications acting as large factors in this determination.