Training Fund

We’re seeding our training fund with an initial investment of $100k and a commitment to reinvest 5% of our annual profits in community training initiatives.

Our initial investment will give 1,000 students 12 month’s access to leading cybersecurity training provider StationX‘s 1,000 classes, virtual labs, practice tests, and exam simulations.

Our mission is to connect cybersecurity professionals with organizations in need of cybersecurity talent but putting people and employers together is just one side of the equation.

We want to see fewer vacancies going unfilled in our industry. We plan to do this by encouraging new individuals into the cybersecurity industry and helping existing practitioners enhance their skills and attain certifications which make them more attractive to employers.

We chose StationX because their platform caters to all career stages so we hope to help individuals find their feet in cybersecurity and then continue their professional development as they progress.

StationX is home to elite trainers, cybersecurity thought leaders and career development experts and won the AI Cyber Security Educator of the Year 2020 Award.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a free seat at StationX, please 1) register with us as a job seeker then 2) complete the form below: