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Position Company Location Posted
Cloud Security Specialist II
SunPowerAustin, Texas, United States10/05/2022
Cloud Security Engineer (Malware) - Cyber Security Defense - B5
Bank of AmericaDenver, Colorado, United States16/05/2022
Software Principal Engineer - Cloud Security - Remote US
Dell TechnologiesHopkinton, Massachusetts, United States12/05/2022
Cloud Security Strategic Execution Lead
Wells FargoIrving, Texas, United States29/04/2022
Sr. Lead Tech Business Services Consultant - Cloud Security Org Transformation
Wells FargoMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States24/04/2022
Sr. Lead Tech Business Services Consultant - Cloud Security Org Transformation
Wells FargoRaleigh, North Carolina, United States24/04/2022
Sr. Lead Tech Business Services Consultant - Cloud Security Org Transformation
Wells FargoSan Francisco, California, United States24/04/2022
Cloud Security Architect
Bank of AmericaCharlotte, North Carolina, United States16/05/2022
Cloud Security Engineer - Multi-Cloud Specialization
Bank of AmericaDenver, Colorado, United States16/05/2022
Principal Cloud Security Architect
Federal Reserve Bank of ChicagoNew York, New York, United States15/05/2022
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What is a Certified Cloud Security Professional?

Certified Cloud Security Professionals are cybersecurity experts that prevent hackers and online terrorists from finding digital backdoors and gaining access to sensitive cloud data. Individuals who earn a CCSP certification from (ISC)2 are recognized as trustworthy and updated cybersecurity professionals worldwide with various opportunities for career expansion.

People pursuing CCSP certificates must have appropriate work experience, agree to the (ISC)2 code of ethics, pass the test, receive an endorsement, and pay an annual maintenance fee.

The prosperous CCSP certificate proves to clients and employers that an individual is reliable and has proper training to manage and protect cloud data. It also shows that they are (ISC)2 members who have support from some of the most reputable cybersecurity experts in the world. It is ideal for IT and information security leaders who have experience in the following fields.

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Security Analyst
  • Cloud Specialist
  • Auditor of Cloud Computing Services
  • Professional Cloud Developer

Responsibilities of a CCSP

Unlike other IT certifications that typically generalize security topics, the CCSP certificate focuses specifically on cloud security.

As members of a global community of certified cybersecurity professionals, individuals with CCSP certificates are responsible for keeping clouds safe and secure for users. CCSP’s help ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive data and valuable assets contained in digital clouds that belong to various users, who range from individuals to global corporations.

They should understand relevant security and design principles for cloud computing like encryption, masking, traceability, access control, cloud architecture, and much more. Cyber attacks can come from outside or within an organization, so CCSP’s should communicate regularly with management to identify critical information and create the best security controls.

A clear understanding of privacy issues, legal requirements, ethical behavior, and other risks related to cloud usage is also essential. CCSP’s should know the ins and outs of their client’s operating systems and block any vulnerable access points before hackers get to them.

Required Qualifications and Experience

CCSP certificates are not for entry-level candidates, but other options are available to get them on the right path.

Some work experience with information technology is required for candidates to qualify for the CCSP. Three of those years should show involvement with information security and one year in one or more of the six domains of the (ISC)2 CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), which are explained in the next section.

People who earned CSA’s CCSK certificates in the past can use it to substitute one year of experience in one or more of the six domains of CCSP CBK. Holders of (ISC)2’s CISSP certificates can use those credentials to substitute the CCSP experience requirement completely.

Candidates lacking the experience requirements can still take the CCSP exam to become an Associate of (ISC)2 if they pass. That gives them six years to earn the required five-year experience.

Preparing For The Exam

Candidates will have their knowledge and expertise about cloud security evaluated by the updated CCSP exam. The exam focuses mainly on six security domains with separate weights that can affect results differently. These are the six security domains that candidates should get familiar with, along with their weight ratios:

  • Domain 1: Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design (17%)
  • Domain 2: Cloud Data Security (20%)
  • Domain 3: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security (17%)
  • Domain 4: Cloud Application Security (17%)
  • Domain 5: Cloud Security Operations (16%)
  • Domain 6: Legal, Risk, and Compliance (13%)

Candidates need a minimum of 700 points out of 1000 to pass the exam, consisting of 125 multiple-choice questions. Simply memorizing information about the six security domains is not enough because experienced-based questions are present.

The CCSP exam is available in English and Japanese. Candidates can take the exam at any Pearson VUE Testing Center and have three hours to complete it.

Candidates who pass the exam have to complete an endorsement process that confirms that they have adequate professional experience and remain in good standing with the cybersecurity industry. They also have to agree to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics that ensures their commitment to protect society and work honestly.

What Kind Of Jobs Can a CCSP Get?

CCSP jobs are growing in every industry as individuals and companies move toward cloud computing services to manage and protect data and critical assets. As reliance on secure data clouds grows, so is the threat from hackers, and more cloud security positions are starting to require the CCSP certification for hiring eligibility.

These are some of the CCSP jobs that certified individuals can get.

Career Paths

Living in the digital age means that people will rely more and more on convenient online services for many aspects of their lives and raise the demand for trustworthy CCSP’s. Cloud companies are also constantly sprouting everywhere, increasing the competition between them and making their services more affordable to the public.

CCSP jobs are available from big organizations like the government, military, banks, hotels, and more, but small businesses and individuals need them also. The certificate shows potential employers and clients that CCSP’s have vendor-neutral skills that can apply to several technologies and methods.

The career paths available to CCSP’s are only starting to expand and have no signs of slowing down. CCSP’s should be able to land a variety of IT jobs, whether they specialize in cloud security or not. The select few CCSP’s will always have hiring advantages over other professionals that lack reputable certification.

Benefits Of The Certification

The CCSP certification doesn’t only make individuals more knowledgable and marketable for cloud security jobs. It can also significantly improve their salaries and gain them respect from a global community of cybersecurity leaders. CCSP’s are also (ISC)2 members and will gain access to various additional educational resources to keep expanding their knowledge.


The Ultimate Guide to the CCSP” says that the average CCSP salary is $138,610 and that (ISC)2 members make 35% higher salaries than non-members.

(ISC)2 members must pay an Annual Maintenance Fee of $125 to support ongoing developments and recertifying every three years. Recertification is required to ensure that CCSP’s are up-to-date with relevant cloud security practices and issues.

Wrap Up

Standard registration for the CCSP exam is $599. The CCSP certificate can be ideal for individuals with IT and security experience but also offers opportunities for entry-level candidates. CCSP’s have the advantage of expanded career paths and higher salaries while gaining access to and respect from cybersecurity authorities.

The demand for reliable CCSP’s will continue to grow as society relies more on clouds for safely storing data and assets.

An updated official (ISC)2 CCSP Training Course will be available on August 1, 2022.

The CCSP certificate may not be ideal for every skilled IT and (ISC)2 offers other security certifications that might be a better fit, like Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation, IT/ICT Security Administration, Security Assessment and Authorization, Secure Software Development, and Healthcare Security & Privacy.